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 Radar technology for custom club fittings and golf lessons. 
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I am an experienced PGA Tour and European Tour Master Club Fitter and Technician having worked with the best players in the world on the since 1998.  Currently I am working privately from a fantastic practice facility at The Golf Club at Rancho California located in Murrieta California.  

My goals are to help amateurs and pros improve their games with proper fitted golf clubs using Doppler Radar Ball Flight Launch Monitors just like I did on the tour.  You can chose from a variety of club fitting sessions that will test your clubs and help to determine what changes you will benefit from.
Here are a few of the questions that most golfers have regarding their equipment.  
  • Are my irons set to the right lofts and the lie angles I really need?  
  • Should I play clubs set to 1* flat?  2*upright?  What is the difference?
  • Are my grip sizes affecting my feel and ball striking?
  • Is my graphite shaft the right one for me?  Is there one that would be better? 
  • Do I have the right loft for my driver?
Testing with radar will answer any of your equipment questions and verify how these are all important to your consistency and performance.  Once recommendations are made I have a full golf club repair and retro-fitting shop where I put your clubs into specification to your personal needs.  
Please read through my website to find out more about my experience on tour, teaching, and golf club fitting philosophies.
 eric.rogers@errogolflab.com                                                                                                                                                     Phone: 760-580-9875
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